The Hollywood Rentals
Night Photography & Light Painting

Sat March 19th 2011 6:00pm until sunrise
Sun March 20th 2011 7:00pm until sunrise

Hollywood Rentals
Lancaster, California

Mike Hows (TakenPictures) and Joe Reed will be hosting a Night Photography/Light Painting workshop at the Hollywood Rentals Junkyard on Saturday, March 19th and Sunday, March 20th. This workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels.

Hollywood Rentals is truly a one of a kind location. Unlike most junkyards, the cars here are not picked apart for their useable remains. The vehicle selection here is second to none. With cars ranging from the 1930's to today, from a Porsche to a Pinto, and everything in between, this yard has something for everyone. This is a large junkyard sprawling across multiple acres with hundreds of cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. Many of the automobiles are used as props for motion pictures, television, and commercials. Hollywood Rentals is not only a world class junkyard; it is occasionally used as a Hollywood film set as well. The yard is an active business with an onsite caretaker. Access by the public is normally not granted. Hollywood Rentals is located north of the city of Lancaster, in the Mojave Desert. A 2 hour drive from most parts of Southern California and approximately 5-6 hour drive from Northern California.

*Photo by Joe Reed

We will be meeting at Hollywood Rentals on Saturday March, 19th at 6:00pm. This should provide ample time for you to scout the yard. We will begin our night photography/light painting lesson after sunset. Once darkness falls, we will be giving general light painting demonstrations as well as interior detail demos. Following the demos, you will be free to shoot the rest of the night. As your instructors, we will be shooting minimally. We will be available for more personal instruction throughout the entire night.
Night two will begin at 7:00pm, on Sunday March 20th. The second night will be reserved for shooting only. Personal instruction will be available, but no lectures will be given. We will have junkyard access until sunrise. The workshop ends whenever you get too tired or the sun rises. This is a great opportunity to learn from two seasoned night shooters, & practice lighting techniques at an extraordinary junkyard location. This workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels. A critique session will be available for workshop participants on night two, before sundown. Please bring a laptop if you would like your work critiqued.
Class size is limited to 10 students.

Tuition for the Hollywood Rentals workshop is $500
Payment can be made via money order or Paypal only. No Paypal fees will be charged.
Please contact Joe or Mike to make a payment

We are offering a special 10% ($50) discount* to the following:
Repeat workshop attendees
Out of state participants
Active Duty Military and Veterans
College Students (must be enrolled in the Spring 2011 semester. Proof of enrollment is required)
*Only one discount per workshop participant will be applied

In the event that you must cancel your reservation for the workshop, your tuition will be refunded minus a $150 cancellation fee up until March 5th. Tuition will be non-refundable after March 5th.

When the workshop fills up, a waiting list will be formed. If there is a cancellation, the first person on the waiting list will be notified.

The yard is located about 20 minutes north of Palmdale and 20 miles south of Mojave. Plenty of lodging choices can be found in the area. We will be staying in the town of Mojave.

Lancaster in March should be nice. Expect daytime temperatures to be warm. The temperature could dip into the low 40's/high 30's at night. Anticipate it being windy. Although the wind does get knocked down considerably in the yard. Please take this into consideration and dress appropriately for the weather.

A DSLR with cable release and tripod is required. You will also need at least one flashlight. Extra batteries for your camera & flashlight(s) are required. A shoe mount flash is optional, but not required for light painting. A wide angle lens is highly recommended. A stopwatch or timer is highly recommended as well. Some colored gels will be provided. Please have basic exposure knowledge and understanding of the relationship between shutter speed and aperture. Please be able to operate your camera in the Manual mode. We will take care of the rest.

By signing up for the Hollywood Rentals workshop, you agree not to hold Mike Hows, Joe Reed, the Hollywood Rentals site, or the employees of Hollywood Rentals responsible should you become injured in the yard. This workshop is fun, but your safety is of the utmost important to us.

Please contact Mike or Joe to sign up or with any questions.

The Flickr group for the privious Hollywood Rental workshop can be found HERE

Mike Hows is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in night photography and light painting. He has taught night photography/light painting workshops in northern and southern California. Mike has exhibited his night photography in the greater San Francisco area.

Joe Reed is Southern California photographer specializing in lighting and digital capture, with an emphasis on night photography. His night photography has been exhibited online and in print in various Southern California installations. Joe has been a guest speaker at Cypress College in Southern California where he has lectured about night photography and light painting.

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